We build and invest in social impact platforms and businesses to financially empower communities

“Financial inclusion is not just a paragraph we add to a sales deck and forget about. It’s our ethos. We bring convenience right to the doorstep of the mass market: all our solutions are aimed at connecting the cash consumer to the digital economy. There is no denying that the world is becoming increasingly digital, and this shift is happening at the speed of light. This excludes the mass market. It is our moral responsibility to empower everyone to access the conveniences of the digital world and develop solutions that enable an easier transition. In other words, solutions that embrace the speed of life.”

Tony Reddy, CEO

Creating a digital world for all.

+85% of our population still prefer cash transactions. We leverage our innovative platforms, strategic collaborations, ubiquitous and integrated network, and rich data and insights to create ecosystems that advance digitally marginalised communities without asking people to change their behaviour. We drive financial inclusion to empower the mass market to participate in the digital economy, reducing the cost and risk of transactions, improving lives, and aiding in growing the country’s GDP.

Money makes the world go round.

Our investments break down barriers to the digital economy and encourage the lower 95% of the economically active population to participate in it, reach their financial goals, and improve their lives. We invest in people-driven solutions and technology that improve liquidity, reduce risk, and foster independence and wealth creation for the mass market.

Financial technology is the great equaliser.

We empower the mass market by digitising key life occasions in language and terminology that is commonly understood. We harness the power of our next-gen technology, rich consumer insights, and ubiquitous network to solve the mass market’s daily struggles, giving consumers access to payment, financial planning, and investment services.

Our Investment Portfolio

Solutions developed from ideation to sustainability that embrace consumer behaviour and encourage the transition to new technologies and economies.

Our Traction

+2 million active consumers.
Growing at an average of +3,000 users every day.
Multiple products distributed via +150,000 stores.

Our Partners

Strategic collaborations are a key success factor for the effective financial inclusion of the mass market into the digital economy.

The Uncensored Reality

High Unemployment
Informal Earnings: SME Environment with No Formal Payslip
“Irregular” earnings: daily or weekly
High Cash Use Environments
Significant Percentage of Income Spent on Transport
High Acquisition Cost for Personal Assets
Limited Access to, and Benefits Enjoyed from, E-Commerce
Credit is Designed for the Employed
Intimidation Factors of Banking, Investment, Insurance, and HealthCare
Complex or Unclear Costs of Banking, Investment, Insurance, and Healthcare
Products, Services, and Opportunities Are Not Conveniently Accessible
Difficulty Committing to Set Monthly Fees

The world we work in

In a country where 75% of the population earns under R5,800 every month, the practical step toward financial inclusion in emerging markets is an innovative platform that mobilises technology for good to impact the mass market in a way that works for them. We’re driven by the goal of being the critical access point for financial inclusion in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We invest in and develop sustainable businesses that that drive financial inclusion for the mass market

Our Team

United by differences to create far-reaching global impact.
Our team is a group of experienced, like-minded forward-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and creative strategists.

Mano Moodley

Mano Moodley


Tony Reddy

Tony Reddy

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Chief Operations Officer

Deshendri Smit

Dishi Smit

Chief Marketing Officer

Stuart Annandale

Stuart Annandale

Chief Technology Officer

Bharad Roopha

Bharad Roopa

Chief Financial Officer

Our Media Hub

Building knowledge and sharing insights. Learn about our progress and access research on financial inclusion for the mass market.

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