A new way for consumers to plan, save, and build a financial profile to buy products and services and access opportunities on the most convenient terms. 


Empowering the mass market to buy better.

LAYAWAY️ enables the mass market to plan, save, acquire assets, achieve goals, and build a financial profile without the fear of penalties or the pressure of minimum monthly payments.

The platform equips previously unseen or cost-conscious consumers to buy products and services that improve their lives on terms that suit them, without unnecessary risk and cost. Consumers can digitally save for significant life occasions like Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and home improvement and also have the ability to start a group saving pocket for shared financial goals where family and friends can save and buy together.

In addition, the platform creates an opportunity for the “credit invisible” to develop their financial profiles to access full or partial credit and has rich data on consumer behaviour and predictive purchasing patterns.