A leading digital payments ecosystem.


Empowering the mass market to transact in the digital economy.

OTT is a digital payments ecosystem with solutions that digitise cash via +150,000 stores that are easily accessible to the mass market. This enables consumers who prefer cash transactions to participate in the benefits of the digital economy and transact online through a digital cash OTT Voucher.

In addition, we create access for these stores, and SMEs, to dispense bank-certified money sent through OTT Collect and OTT Payout, thus reducing the cost of remittance collection to consumers and increasing spending within communities.

We also use localised first-tier retailers to accept “deposits” by these SMEs, reducing risk, cost, and time away from their stores through OTT Powerload, a business payment solution used to recharge Value-Added Services wallets and settle suppliers.


OTT Voucher-logo
Secure digital cash voucher for online payments.

Our Voucher network of merchants and issuers enables cash consumers to digitise their cash and redeem their funds to pay, play, shop, save, lay-by, invest, insure, recharge, call, and top accounts online, whenever and wherever they want.

OTT Collect-logo
Instant money cash collection solution.

Through our aggregated network and integrations with leading financial institutions, consumers can skip the wasted time travelling and queuing, eliminate other costs associated with collecting remittances, and instantly collect their money from one of the many locations in their community.

OTT Payout-logo
Aggregated instant cash payout solution.

Our instant payout platform gives consumers a choice of where and how they get paid. The mass market has the convenience of getting to choose from participating financial institutions and/or a value-added service product.

Payment solution for informal traders.

Our business voucher enables informal traders to recharge their Value-Added Services wallets and settle suppliers. PowerLoad is available at Boxer Superstores and Massmart stores around the country.

Always-on loyalty and rewards platform.

Second Chance is a real-time rewards platform for OTT Voucher users. We incentivise consumers for their loyalty, engagement, and reaching of personal financial milestones while collecting rich data to develop consumer insights.